The entries in the project are ordered by most recent.
MYSTERY - A more realistic animation portraying a tiny miracle in an otherwise rote day at the office.
PLACE - A breif visual description of a place's feeling and terroir.
COLLECTIONS - A short animation featuring an array of visually similar items. I modeled 4 different building complexes with the same color palette, then used a script to place and rotate them to form a bleak cityscape.
Lego test render with Autodesk's adjustable plastic materials.
LANDSCAPE - An outdoor winter environment. I created one tree, one tent, and one stout gray cylinder manually, then used MaxScript to duplicate each programmatically. The stepping stones were guided by a simple attractor curve I made to determine their placement and radii.
FORCES - In this very simple animation I applied forces literally by making use of 3ds Max' MassFX physics engine. I also applied forces more metaphorically by driving the animation with curiosity and later fear.
ABSTRACT - My first day in 3ds Max, where I accquianted myself with the timeline, materials, and scripting tools. The boxes were created and animated in MaxScript by looping through the frames to determine the color and height of each object.
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