The following is a submission for the PennApps XIII weekend hackathon.
Here's the Story
    6-year-old Jojo has Type 1 diabetes. He hates taking the time to read his sugar before meals, and loves to sneak cookies in the middle of the night. Thanks to these habits, Jojo often finds himself feeling woozy from hyperglycemia.

    But one thing Jojo doesn't have trouble with is iOS games. He loves playing all kinds of apps on any phone or tablet he can get a hold of. How can Jojo learn to handle his diabetes and have fun?
Here Comes Fitzy
    Fitzy is an iOS app that uses the Johnson & Johnson OneTouch Reveal API to apply Blood Glucose Levels in a kid-friendly and understandable setting. Users create and customize a Fitzy, then must keep their Fitzy happy through frequent, healthy readings.

    Through kid-friendly graphics and sounds, users feel immediate and emotive effects of their healthy practices. When users monitor their Blood Glucose closely, they receive coins to purchase different cosmetic items for their Fitzy. It is our hope that this positive reinforcement will incentivize a healthy diabetic lifestyle early on.
After logging in with their Johnson & Johnson credentials, users are presented
with the Fitzy creation screen, where they customize then name their Fitzy using
the default available bodies, eyes, and hats.
User is then presented with a kid-friendly stats page where they can
check in their most recent glucose reading for assessment.
Frequent, healthy readings make for a happy Fitzy, and earn coins.
Users then spend their hard-earned coins to unlock new cosmetic
items for their Fitzy. This user just bought a crown for 20 coins!
All art was created by me in Adobe Photoshop.
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