Ratchet is multiplayer in an unprecedented way with a combined VR and third-person experience. It features naturally asymmetrical gameplay as Chef Ratchet tries to clear his kitchen of a pesky human infestation. 
    The experience networks two players over Steam, one player (as Chef Ratchet) using an HTC Vive and the other (as Lil' Boy) using a traditional mouse and keyboard. As Lil' Boy scrounges on the counters looking for ingredients for tonight's meal, Ratchet swings his cleaver to and fro, embedding it in everything in sight, in an effort to put an end to the thief.
    Lil' Boy, for his part, needs to be clever if he wants to survive. Popping out of the mouse holes around the kitchen, he must be in and out of danger before Chef Ratchet can react. Lil' boy can also toss cranberries into the chef's eyes in order to obscure his view.
And, as if all of this weren't enough for him, Ratchet has to keep his cooking in mind. If he forgets to periodically pick up a spoon and stir his stew, smoke will fill the room and obstruct his vision, leaving him helpless to stop the human nuisance.
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