** This tool was further developed for Walt Disney Animation Studios. I will update this page upon media clearance from the studio.***

    Keyframe animation takes a long time. Professional animators can put out only a few seconds of quality animation over the course of a week, while amateurs are looking at far fewer frames or much lower quality. Frame-by-frame motion capture systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars to buy or rent, and can fall easily into the uncanny valley of just slightly off.

     These limitations can make figure animation prohibitively expensive or of unacceptable quality for today's creatives, but they might already own a tool that can lighten the load and provide unprecedented perspective. In this project I investigate the potential of the HTC Vive to achieve accelerated pose capture and keyframing in real space. 
    With just a few more features, such as toggle-able foot IK, curve editing, and custom rig support, I believe this tool could greatly improve the quality and speed of animation in the CG pipeline.
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