A game map of A Game of Thrones' Westeros made in Adobe Photoshop, with geography and icons made to look like HBO's. Font credit to Charlie Samways.
As a fan of both RISK and George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, I decided to combine them into this board. It's designed to be as balanced as possible but with only 3 playtests and revisions, it isn't yet perfectly balanced.
As can be guessed by the numbers that appear on each territory, I have made some modifications to core risk to more closely resemble to political situation of the novels/shows.
These are the player and territory cards I made to accompany the board, made exclusively in Adobe Photoshop.
In order to allow players to select canonically weaker houses and still have a chance at winning the game, I gave each house a unique bonus. Nations with fewer and/or less valuable territories (like Dorne) receive stronger bonuses while those with many, rich territories (like The Reach) recieve rather weak bonuses.
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